Enjoy some of Uganda’s  flying Journeys to any destination of your choice, with both chattered and scheduled flights all around the country side delivering exhilarating flying experiences to the greatest destinations. Travel in a small group on a per-arranged itinerary and enjoy your holidays.

Queen Elizabeth Safari 2 days
Gorilla Tracking 3 days

Bwindi Gorilla Trekking 3 days
Murchison Luxury Tour 3 days
Kidepo Safari 4 days
Semliki Safari , Kibale 4 days
Gorilla Luxury Safari 6 days
Kibale, Queen, Bwindi 7 days
Kibale , Queen , Bwindi 8 days
Primate – Wildlife 11 days

Flying safaris
We at Access Africa tours, organize flying tours to include scheduled and charter flight to all parks of Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. This is the easiest way to get around in east Africa, due to the fact that the roads are not good and flights save you from the hassle of the bumpy roads. It even enables you visit very many parks as it reduces the time required while on road.

We use safe and reliable airlines which are always on time and also provide private travel for groups who would not like to mix. The air charter can reduce a two day drive to just a two hour flight.  This will allow you to spend more of your valuable holiday time in the parks and on safari. Scheduled flights to the different parks are also available at better rates