JAMBO NA KARIBU! These are the first words visitors hear everywhere they go. And they mean hello and welcome and are never more warmly meant than in the country that is the original home of the safari and the ultimate destination for a world class holiday.

Sitting astride the equator, halfway down Africa’s eastern coast, Kenya is the most accessible country in the region, with 91 international flights arriving in and departing from Nairobi every week, visitors can be enjoying dinner and observing elephants and other wildlife within a few hours of leaving the office.

Kenya offers a world of attractions and opportunities for the discerning visitor more than any other destination in the world. Visitors can expect to find stunning landscapes, a diversity of culture and myths, sandy beaches, a range of adventure spots for bird watching and above all,have the chance to observe rare wildlife.

Kenya’s capital, Nairobi is the only city in the world with a national park attached to it. The city’s famous hotels and restaurants offer the perfect start to a memorable vacation. Visitors can try their skill on some of the world’s finest golf courses or experience the thrill of a racecourse where the horses may be joined by ostriches, camels or even rally cars.
But it should be noted however that its beneath the majestic snow capped mountains that you will find Kenya’s most memorable entertainment that is the great annual migration of the wildebeest. From July to October each year about 2 million wildebeest, accompanied by half a zillion zebras and thousands of gazelles move steadily north from the Serengeti in search of the lush grass and water they need to survive. There they graze until about October, at this point the centre herbivore circus turns around and heads south again. The world’s most spectacular wild life is to be found in Kenya.

That is not all, after the wonders of wildlife safari; Kenya’s beaches offer the ultimate in relaxation, with approximately 480 km of beaches about 50% of them are sheltered by unspoilt coral reef. Therefore Kenya is the ideal destination for adventure and sports tourism. Professional driving Access Africa tours is at hand to show the visitor the veritable paradise beneath the waves.

Kenya’s great wildlife is accompanied by the well come nature of its people. Visitors experience the vibrancy of Kenya’s 42 cultures and become part of an extended national family by sharing the ancient musical traditions and testing the kind of hospitality that only Kenya can offer’

In the Northern Laikipia area, ranches which cover hundreds of acres offer private game viewing with their eco family, private community lodges that cater for couple customers is a must experience for any visitor. Wherever you go in Kenya you are delivered right to the heart of action. ‘Welcome to magical Kenya where the sun never sets on excitement.